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The Future of Safety

We are trying to build a compact, safe, sustainable, personal safety device which works without a phone and wifi.


Women’s Safety First

Out of 2 million victims of human trafficking, 76% are women. Fixing this problem alone can fix 50% percent of the problems in the world. A personal safety device can help to empower women and give them a sense of control over their own safety. This can lead to them feeling more confident and independent, which can have a positive impact on their overall well-being. It can reduce crime. It can provide peace of mind.

Know the Features

No Phone and Wifi

Diya can be carried as a wearable and stickable device. It can communicate in case of danger with anyone without a phone and wifi in the vicinity

Raise an Alarm

A button on the device can be pressed to raise an alarm when in danger. It will alert the people around and can scare the culprit.

Send Current Location

We can send our current location to five contacts saved in the device to seek help by pressing the button five times. These numbers can be reconfigured.

Track Current Location

A message can be sent by people whose contacts can be stored in the device to track the current location of the device when you suspect danger.

A Safety Plug-in for Electric Vehicles

Research & background, summary

Time and again women’s safety has been challenged. They fall prey to many different kinds of crime when traveling alone. The ability to cry for help and reach out to police or their well-wishers in time can reduce their vulnerability to sexual assault, trafficking, kidnap, etc., With this idea in mind a personal safety device prototype was in design for 4 years as a voluntary project.

Our Mission

Safety in Ten Minutes


Anywhere. Everytime

Do you have any ideas to improve the design? Unlock your creative potential

If you are an expert in electronics, wearables, or women’s safety domain, please join the club. Share your views, ideas, and suggestions with Let’s make this world a better place for women.

Ready to use Diya?

Diya is currently in the prototype stage. We are working on improving the battery life, making it more compact, and testing its safety and functionality. If you are interested in purchasing Diya, please click the button below to join the waitlist. If you are an organization or institution, please write to us to discuss how Diya can help keep your people safe. We can customize the device to your specific requirements.

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